Thursday, March 4, 2010

MUST have a ZOMBIE contingency plan

this is an actual photo taken while i was living in Austin last year! apparently someone hacked into a substation and reprogramed the signs to say that! hilarious to me :) how would you have reacted? i wish i had seen it in person because i have no idea, maybe my armpits would have burned!

well since we are getting MARRIED, we are going to need to start making plans and decisions together, and i thought this was a really important one to share with you guys :)

tonight Josh and I saw the movie The Crazies, and decided that although it is most certainly never even possible that zombies or in this particular movie's case "crazies" would ever take over we must have a ZOMBIE contingency plan. yes yes yes, i know this is crazy... BUT if you (and some of you do) knew how much crazy Josh and i seem to find ourselves in, you would recommend we have a PLAN of some sort with our luck! so basically in a "dooms-day scenario" how would this TEAM MESH react??

in the event of this "dooms-day" we will STICK TOGETHER. too many moments in movies go like this "baby you stay here, i'm going to go check it out" NOPE, not happening! when people split up, someone gets chopped in half by an ax... if we hear some hooker outside that Josh wants to confront he better be okay with me coming along because i'm not being left ANYWHERE away from him.

of course we decided we are going to make decisions together-but any time we disagree we will Rock, Paper, Scissor it ONCE and the winner gets it their way.... BUT then i thought, what IF there was once i KNEW my idea was the safest because of whatever reasons i didn't have the time to explain to Josh or vice versa? (or maybe we have to be insanely quiet because the monster is outside the door RIGHT NOW)... So we even have a plan for that!! in this event we each get one Veto on the Rock, Paper, Scissors with no questions asked. just one though.

always have "situational awareness" (which is ironically a quote from the lead actor in The Crazies but in the movie A Perfect Getaway which by the way was a pretty good movie we watched recently)

and that's about as far as we have thought it through.... i'll let Josh edit this if he thinks of anything else i left out... of course we need to make a choice on weapons, supplies, where we would most likely stay or travel to and how... just other zombie survival tactics is all.

yeah... pretty important adult decision makin' stuff eh? :)


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