Thursday, March 4, 2010

MUST have a ZOMBIE contingency plan

this is an actual photo taken while i was living in Austin last year! apparently someone hacked into a substation and reprogramed the signs to say that! hilarious to me :) how would you have reacted? i wish i had seen it in person because i have no idea, maybe my armpits would have burned!

well since we are getting MARRIED, we are going to need to start making plans and decisions together, and i thought this was a really important one to share with you guys :)

tonight Josh and I saw the movie The Crazies, and decided that although it is most certainly never even possible that zombies or in this particular movie's case "crazies" would ever take over we must have a ZOMBIE contingency plan. yes yes yes, i know this is crazy... BUT if you (and some of you do) knew how much crazy Josh and i seem to find ourselves in, you would recommend we have a PLAN of some sort with our luck! so basically in a "dooms-day scenario" how would this TEAM MESH react??

in the event of this "dooms-day" we will STICK TOGETHER. too many moments in movies go like this "baby you stay here, i'm going to go check it out" NOPE, not happening! when people split up, someone gets chopped in half by an ax... if we hear some hooker outside that Josh wants to confront he better be okay with me coming along because i'm not being left ANYWHERE away from him.

of course we decided we are going to make decisions together-but any time we disagree we will Rock, Paper, Scissor it ONCE and the winner gets it their way.... BUT then i thought, what IF there was once i KNEW my idea was the safest because of whatever reasons i didn't have the time to explain to Josh or vice versa? (or maybe we have to be insanely quiet because the monster is outside the door RIGHT NOW)... So we even have a plan for that!! in this event we each get one Veto on the Rock, Paper, Scissors with no questions asked. just one though.

always have "situational awareness" (which is ironically a quote from the lead actor in The Crazies but in the movie A Perfect Getaway which by the way was a pretty good movie we watched recently)

and that's about as far as we have thought it through.... i'll let Josh edit this if he thinks of anything else i left out... of course we need to make a choice on weapons, supplies, where we would most likely stay or travel to and how... just other zombie survival tactics is all.

yeah... pretty important adult decision makin' stuff eh? :)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Audition Notice

For the Audition "To be Megan's Husband".... Josh GOT CAST! Check out the character breakdown information below.

Male (25-30) the Hero-type. muscular build. blue eyes. great laugh. entertaining. perfect smile. charismatic. speaks his mind. adventurous. a leader. skilled pikey speaker. outdoors-type. cleans up GQ hot. a few tattoos. not easily embarrassed. not easily discouraged. optimistic but realistic. great dancer. loves animals. does impressions of gorillas. pirate fanatic. great legs. almost too great of legs. shaves arms. terrible rapper or flow artist. hotter than The Old Spice commercial guy.

When Josh walked in to read for this character, I was at first a little skeptical. He read his lines a little too quickly and his character choice was a bit overpowering. After much discussion with the actor, I found that he merely knew what he wanted and was going to do whatever it took to get it. He also was very fond of telling me exactly what he wanted from the "get-go." A confident actor like this who can sell himself successfully to this director is hard to come by. I feel this casting decision was of great importance in my life, and I'm proud to say there were no other actors even called back for the role. This is one role that was truly MADE for Joshua Mullins. In a recent interview with the artist he said: "I know it's not going to be easy playing the role of Megan's Husband. Keeping a girl like Megan entertained for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for the rest of my life is a job that will never be simple-nor boring! I am so blessed and ready to be undertaking such a challenge, but I believe it was my year-long study workshop with the brilliant Megan that has prepared me for this moment."

Well there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, Joshua Mullins will be starring as Megan's Husband in a THEATRE near you! (the um *cough* Jefferson Theatre *cough* near YOU)



Saturday, February 27, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words and a MILLION memories!

ALRIGHTY pictures were promised so here they ARE!!!

Jake getting the ring ready--see that BRIGHT GREEN string

last min checks

Hillary was playing Paparazzi hiding :)

some mean lady was griping because this was "private property"

no probs though, Jake took care of it!

getting everything ready to rock and roll

sending Josh a last min message

here comes the wrecker! (I LOVE THIS PIC btw)

to the rescue!

Jake is telling me about the brake problems

the brothers say Hello but apparently practiced this whole shindig at home right before!

Jake told us about the mean lady, so i'm giving her the stank eye!

let's get started on this Bad A Certification video!

me "step 1, you have to be a bad ass!" NOTE Josh is telling the camera he is about to propose behind my head!!

look at these fellas smiling and knowing just what was in store for me shortly

i'm lowering everything while noting i had the best teacher!

trying to look like a pro

alright i was worried i was going to slip and look like a goober!

getting the chains!

i'm having trouble pulling them

i'm basically complaining that the boys needed to help

confessed i quit doing P90X so that explains my wimp self

heave ho!

help me HERC

so it took all THREE! (i loosened it for em hehe)


NEXT step is... oops i forgot!

they thought i saw the ring here! hehe

NOPE i didn't

alright lets DO THIS!

i didn't really wanna get dirty so Jake laid out some floor mats for me!

LOOK at JOSH on that knee!!! i haven't spotted the ring yet

i'm trying to find where to put the chain totally over looking my RING

i hooked it and am asking "is that right?" not seeing him on his KNEE ahhh!

i'm saying like don't make me fix it i already got dirty

he says no thats not right!

we ALL look! Jake was worried the ring fell off or something haha

then "OH MY GaaaahhhhD!" i finally SAW IT

all i could do was laugh! i felt a million emotions, but up at the top of the list was stupidity for not seeing that RING sooner!!! haha

i asked "can i have it!?"

trying to untie it but my hands are feeling shakey--look at my MAN sooo cute

i get the ring and tackled him!

after complaining about the mud i got us more dirty

and we rolled it in a min!


Jacob Mullins approves this message! hehehe

Josh brought a script for me just in case i did what he thought i would do and say something like "oh i dont know" :) such a funny fella!


i'm thrilled about the journey God has for us ahead!


i said YES!!!

SO definitely read the below post that Josh posted VERY shortly before he asked me so you can get the entire set up, but here's how it went down after all that planning he so perfectly did!

Josh has been talking about how we need to get a "Bad A Certification" video of me made :) one of our little jokes. so we keep planning to do another stunt driving video and maybe even a wrecking video for fun. he planned that today after i got off work from my half day (that he so sneakily made happen) that we would go do some stunt driving. well what he didn't know was even though SO many people already knew about today's plans i did NOT, but i FELT it! i swear i did! i told my mom when i brought her a quick lunch at around 10:30ish and she was talking about having a hair appt at 3 and Josh was sending me texts about getting his hair cut that "I think Josh is going to ask me today. Is he asking me today?" haha she didn't know so we just laughed about how funny it would be if i actually guessed. i went back to work for a short time, came home, showered, then decided to send and save a message on my cell phone as PROOF in case he really did ask me that said "he's asking me today ;) i feel it! the clues are there... let's make a wrecking video hmmm fishy! plus he got a hair cut! hehehe! yay" at exactly 12:17pm... THEN at 3:08 i sent a text to Katie saying basically the same thing! crazy huh? i think it's pretty special and VERY evident to me that we are totally linked since there were no real clues but i felt it.

so he tells me his brother Jake is having problems with his brakes so we are going to get this Bad A Certification video made while i load up his truck on the wrecker. :) we get there and i get started. i haven't seen the video footage yet but i know i complained a bit about getting muddy and having to do it by myself. then when it came to getting up under Jake's truck to really hook up the first chain they had tied on a BRIGHT green string the RING! yep, and believe it or not i did NOT see it at all at first. also there was a GREEN camera filming me from under the truck in my FACE that i did not see either... guess i was just concentrated on getting that certification that i didn't look around really----so i hook it and get out from the truck. at this point Josh and Jake are looking at each other like "ummm did it disappear?" and i said something like "is that the right spot?" Josh informs me i'm wrong so i get back under there and finally i SEE IT!!!!

(in the video footage that i'm sure we will post eventually you apparently will see my gloved hand touch the ring not 1, not 2, but THREE times!?!?!?! what in the world??? BRIGHT GREEN STRING MEGAN?!?!?! SHINY BIG ROCK?!?!?!)

so i started laughing and tried to untie it but my hands felt shaky so Josh handed me a knife and i cut it loose while he waited for me on bended knee (SO CUTE btw). FINALLY i got up from under there. and though he was down on one knee and i always dreamed that moment to be a beautiful one that i would no doubt try to make funny by saying "i dont know," i actually didn't think or let him speak but tackled him into the mud and rolled around a bit saying YES! :)

i could not be happier about all of this!!!

when i look at the above picture i am SO happy. and this definitely is the essence of one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes (and my only tattoo) "How all the other passions fleet to air.." it goes on after that of course, but in the context of the play she is basically saying -WOW this Love is sooo amazing that all my other cares and concerns in the world have just floated away as meaningless babble and if there was even a tiny bit more of this Love i would literally EXPLODE!

the other craziness was that Josh's sister Hillary was hiding in the bushes/woods across the road wearing camo snapping these pictures!!! awesome huh?!

Josh talks about the ring and how we picked it in the previous blog but i had to post pics! isn't it BEAUTIFUL! i'm going to have to get a wagon to carry this rock around in!

i think this is truly the PERFECT ring for me from my PERFECT man!

AND if you thought that was all of the surprises Josh had in store for me, you are mistaken. wow huh? he also planned that at 7pm we would be meeting a BIG party of family and friends from allll over at Madison's in Beaumont for dinner and celebration. This day alone, just being proposed to by the love of my life, my BEST half, my hookerpants, my everything would have solely been more more more than enough to keep my heart happy and my face smiling ear to ear in bliss forever---BUT to also share this awesome day with so many very important people meant the world to me! i have no idea how to put all of today's thoughts into words really... i was so shocked! i couldn't believe so many people came out to celebrate with us! i think it was over 60 people or something like that-i have no clue really but it was grrrreat!

for those of you that came-thank you so much! for those Josh invited that couldn't, it's okay i still love you bunches! and for those of you who came and were stuck listening to me yell random mixed up sentences about today in my high pitched squeals while mostly just staring at my own hand in such narcism-sorry about that! i'll try to also tone down the reciting lines of Shakespeare like "see how she lays her cheek upon her hand" by the end of the weekend i swear.

wow. thank you baby for it all! i cannot put it into words how much i love you and am happy about us, and am crazy for even attempting to!