Saturday, February 27, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words and a MILLION memories!

ALRIGHTY pictures were promised so here they ARE!!!

Jake getting the ring ready--see that BRIGHT GREEN string

last min checks

Hillary was playing Paparazzi hiding :)

some mean lady was griping because this was "private property"

no probs though, Jake took care of it!

getting everything ready to rock and roll

sending Josh a last min message

here comes the wrecker! (I LOVE THIS PIC btw)

to the rescue!

Jake is telling me about the brake problems

the brothers say Hello but apparently practiced this whole shindig at home right before!

Jake told us about the mean lady, so i'm giving her the stank eye!

let's get started on this Bad A Certification video!

me "step 1, you have to be a bad ass!" NOTE Josh is telling the camera he is about to propose behind my head!!

look at these fellas smiling and knowing just what was in store for me shortly

i'm lowering everything while noting i had the best teacher!

trying to look like a pro

alright i was worried i was going to slip and look like a goober!

getting the chains!

i'm having trouble pulling them

i'm basically complaining that the boys needed to help

confessed i quit doing P90X so that explains my wimp self

heave ho!

help me HERC

so it took all THREE! (i loosened it for em hehe)


NEXT step is... oops i forgot!

they thought i saw the ring here! hehe

NOPE i didn't

alright lets DO THIS!

i didn't really wanna get dirty so Jake laid out some floor mats for me!

LOOK at JOSH on that knee!!! i haven't spotted the ring yet

i'm trying to find where to put the chain totally over looking my RING

i hooked it and am asking "is that right?" not seeing him on his KNEE ahhh!

i'm saying like don't make me fix it i already got dirty

he says no thats not right!

we ALL look! Jake was worried the ring fell off or something haha

then "OH MY GaaaahhhhD!" i finally SAW IT

all i could do was laugh! i felt a million emotions, but up at the top of the list was stupidity for not seeing that RING sooner!!! haha

i asked "can i have it!?"

trying to untie it but my hands are feeling shakey--look at my MAN sooo cute

i get the ring and tackled him!

after complaining about the mud i got us more dirty

and we rolled it in a min!


Jacob Mullins approves this message! hehehe

Josh brought a script for me just in case i did what he thought i would do and say something like "oh i dont know" :) such a funny fella!


i'm thrilled about the journey God has for us ahead!


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