Friday, February 26, 2010

The BIG Question!

Here in the next hour, I'm going to be proposing to the love of my life, my best friend, and a truly amazing woman. These past two weeks have been super crazy with the planning, scheming, phone calls, facebook messages, and texts to all of our friends and family (well at least the ones that could keep secrets ;-P)
We went and looked at the ring together at Matthew's in Orange because they had the kind we liked on the internet. It is definitely a ring fit for Megan. She likes to call it her Shakespeare ring =P A week later I made it back up there to put some money down and talk out the finer details and all that jazz. Fast forward two weeks to yesterday when I picked the ring up and my jaw hit the ground with how AMAZING it turned out! I carried it with me to class and wouldn't let it out of my grasp... haha... jk... but seriously... it was on my person for the remainder of the day!
This week has been so wild with trying to plan and maneuver enough people into the right places without actually telling them I needed them to do it. The funniest part had to be on Monday when I thought to myself, "You know Josh, you should probably call up to the school and ask them not to have Megan work on Friday if they were to happen to need a sub." I then said to myself, "Nah... what are the chances of that happening... she hasn't subbed in a week or so. Surely they wont call her for THIS FRIDAY!"
"Get a Rhythm when you get the Blues, come on get a rhythm"
(my text message alert... Johnny Cash)
- I'm subbing thursday and FRIDAY!
(palm to forehead like homer simpson) "DOH!!!"
SO, i spoke it and it happened... what to do what to do.... Well, I did what anyone with a little say in a community would do... I went and begged the secretary to let her only do half a day on Friday (sorry Megan I know how much you hate doing only the morning half) because I was planning on proposing that afternoon with a series of different events. Luckily I'm pretty well liked around here =D
So now I'm waiting on my brother to get here so we can get the final touches set up. Her mom has an unexpected hair appointment, but I kinda thought that would happen too... 0.0 anywho! within the next hour or so, it will finally be "OFFICIAL" that Megan and I are engaged! =)


  1. it was sooooooo hard NOT to tell...especially when Megan texted me @ 3 and said " I think Josh is going to ask me today. He got a haircut." :) Congratulations...alligator food!!

  2. Katie you are a ROCKSTAR for not telling me because all day i had this feeling :) hehehe