Thursday, February 11, 2010

MESHin' facts

hi there! i thought it would be fun for Team Mesh to have record of lil funny things about us and such... so why not share it all with the web world too!? ;) hope you enjoy these few things

before Josh and i actually "dated" this was my favorite picture of him! i thought it was funny and made me imagine him as a comic book character or hero! (i have never told him this before).

is that really so much of a stretch?

this isn't a pic from our very first date, BUT on our first date Josh showed up at my house driving the wrecker and handed this wreckin' shirt to me. DEFINITELY the very best and most original first date i have ever been on. about halfway through dinner he got a call (that i totally thought was staged) to go pick up a truck. it was an unoccupied truck, he didn't even write a receipt for it because it was a friend of the owner's kid's truck, and there didn't appear to be anything wrong with it.... uh huh....? i still think Josh had this all planned as a fun thing for us and a little test to see how cool i was. very cool to drive and operate a wrecker truck on your first date!!!! (also, we almost had our first kiss laying up under this alleged broken down truck while hooking up the chains, but josh tells that story way better than me so i wont attempt to)

for whatever reason josh watched *COUGH stalked COUGH* my videos on myspace and facebook, and according to Troy he watched my "explosive diarrhea" a TON of times! (just so you know he was watching this over and over before the invited to the first date.... creepster!)

this is one of my favorite pics of us! i don't know why really, but i just like it

us on Easter! this is one of josh's favorite pics of us. (i don't really like it much tho)

i posted this as my facebook profile pic some time shortly after that first date and Josh wrote something like "where do i sign up for that kind of attention" under it! i eventually deleted the pic cause some people thought i was kissing a lot of boys. hehehe! thats just what happens at a theatre party!--JK this is a great friend of mine, Addie who likes kissing a lot of boys too!

faces like this explain exactly why i love this man!

and i like having my own gorilla!

josh actually planned a secret trip for us that he named "Operation Black Dragon" to Padre to enjoy some piratey fun since i'm obsessed with pirates! gyarrrr!!! no one i have ever dated has done anything this KICK ASS for me! i mean he knocked this one outta the PARK really by far! GYARRRR

while on our PIRATE trip, Josh got his big side tattoo, i doctored him up-but if you look close you can see the fear in my eyes because i know this is evidence i was okay with this tatt and i KNEW Josh's mom, Karen, wasn't going to like it!!! eeep! it wasn't my fault i swearrrrr!

this is another one of those pics that i liked looking at of Josh before we dated! (so maybe i was a little bit of a stalker too)

Josh and his doggy Lexi, better known as "Fat Girl" :) my mom read on josh's myspace that he enjoyed "sitting around with my fat girl. She especially likes it when i bring her some beef jerky or rub her chest just right." Which is pretty funny if you don't know that's the name of his dog! (I remember telling someone "he has muscular legs in this pic! wow!")

when Josh bought this guitar he named it "Jezebel" because she was his mistress :)

i always loved dinosaurs so when we saw this place near padre we had to stop and check it out! one of the first of many many many times josh would pick me up

i think that josh and i have spent more time riding in a car together than we have talking on the phone, going to the movies, hanging out at home, or any one other thing... at least i think i'm about right when i say that... i think our road trips are a HUGE part of the reason we are together. i mean just try riding in a car with someone for 5 hrs or more and see what all you can find to laugh about and talk about... i like to drink tea (which josh says he is "too young to drink" cause he hates it) and he usually drinks mountain dew on the road :)

alrighty well that's all for now! just a little MESH education for the web world!


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  1. i absolutely adore you!! even more so now that i know you were doing a little cyber stalking of me too!!! =D